Atelier Nubio

Claire & Gabrielle were the first two young entrepreneurs on the block to create organic raw cold-pressesd juices in Paris. Their commitment to high standards, meticulous production processes, working with local certified producers, and being mindful of their carbon footprint in business, make their juices incredibly desirable and highly sought-after. They are engaging, consistently innovative and constantly creating inspiring initiatives for their community. With a new concept store, inspiring guest speakers, yoga classes, the best new seasonal juices and golden lattes in town, makes Atelier Nubio a brand we love to work with.

Claire approached to us to create some visuals and 

typography for a Holistic Week she was organising at their new concept store on Rue Paul Bert. As with every project at the studio, it starts with good coffee. We met with Claire at the Atelier Nubio concept store for a juice and a golden latte to discuss her ideas. The brief: a series of photographs to include portraits + juices and a selection of still-life photographs of products from the concept store + Atelier Nubio Products. Claire mentioned her love of skin shown in the recent Atelier Nubio brand images. When we asked Claire for key words: she described sensual, minimal, strong as key elements. We chatted about the light and sensuality in the film Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagnino, which served as inspiration for the mood-board.

The next stage was to plan the shoot, organise props and come up with ideas for the shoot. We spent a little time location-scouting and decided on the park close to the concept store to explore shooting the ambient autumnal light and to play with the dappled light effect. We shot the portraits in the outdoor natural light and then back to the Concept Store where we continued the theme of dappled light to shoot the still life photographs.

Warm tones, minimal and shadow-light play were also key words we kept in mind while setting up the scenography and photographing the still-lives

In post production we worked on editing and created a typography style to suit the mood of the pictures. We also came up with some brand slogans for the campaign – ‘Beauty Begins Within’, ‘Coffee & Hot Topics’ as some examples. The final images were used as content on the Atelier Nubio Website and social media.